Pots and pans

Pans without handles: excellent utensils to withstand high temperatures

A frying pan is one of the most common and versatile utensils that we can find in the kitchen area, but, did you know that you can also buy pans without handles? Yes, as you read, in the market you can find these types of utensils to the preparation of various foods. In the same way, we tell you that these can be used in any type of kitchen and in ovens. The use of pans without handles brings...

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Glass pots: a good option for cooking in a healthier way

Glass pots a healthier way to cook. If you are looking for some kitchen utensils that help you better preserve food and make its preparation healthier. As well as also preserving the flavor of each ingredients, well, we tell you that glass pots will allow you achieve this and much more. The glass pots do not have any type of harmful or toxic particles used in there production. The glass of these...

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Ceramic glass pans: 5 models that you can find in the market

Currently the different models of ceramic glass pans that we can find in the market, can also work very well in traditional kitchens that work with gas. So if you have in mind to renew the decoration of your classic kitchen for a more modern one, we will tell you that some of your old pans could work just fine. But, if, on the other hand, you want to renew absolutely everything including the...

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Electric pressure cooker: How to select the right one

Did you know that there are electrical appliances that do all the cooking work without our having to supervise or make more effort? Well, yes, as you read, an electric pressure cooker can help you cook delicious recipes in a short time and in a fast and safe way. You just have to place the food you are going to cook inside the cooker. Cover the pot and program it with the buttons that you will...

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