Air fryer: Recipes for healthy and balanced cooking

At present we seek to elaborate dishes that are easy to prepare from home and above all that are rich, healthy and balanced. For this reason, this time we will show you an easy recipe to cook in an air fryer. This time we will show you how to prepare delicious roasted eggplant. Eating more healthy should be a priority in our home and thanks to the new creations in terms of electrical appliances,...

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Chocolate cookies: easy recipe to make at home

If we have little ones at home to brighten our day, surely you will love this recipe to make chocolate cookies and it will be of great use to you. We assure you that even the oldest person will not resist its delicious flavor. They are ideal to eat at any time of the day, but, in general, for many people this type of cookies are the preferred afternoon snack to enjoy. Do you want to know what...

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Baked chicken legs: ideal recipe to prepare and enjoy at home

Preparing baked chicken legs in the oven is easier than you imagine. The best thing is that you will leave all your guests delighted with this delicious recipe. Its practical and has very easy and quick preparation. Also, this recipe works very well for you to include it in your meal menus for the week. From here at 1A Kitchen we are going to help you and guide you to prepare baked chicken legs....

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Bread Mixer: Aspects to consider when choosing one

Do you want a bread mixer at home? Today we find ourselves immersed in endless daily activities, where many times it prevents us from spending more time in the kitchen, preparing delicious recipes that require a long time to complete, such as making bread. But, thanks to inventions in terms of electrical appliances, making bread will no longer be so cumbersome. Through the purchase and use of a...

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Execute a delicious haute cuisine recipe from the comfort of your home

Many times we need to escape from the routine, take some time to rest and stay at home. But when that moment comes that we want to savor a delicious dish, a haute cuisine recipe, one that makes us feel that we are tasting a rich delicious food. Ones prepared in one of the best restaurants in some of the world's great cities. But you ask, how can we prepare a haute cuisine recipe, something that...

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