Copper pots: know the advantages of cooking with this type of pot

23 Dec, 2020 | Utensils

Having a couple of copper pots in our kitchen guarantees us durability and resilience over a long period of time. Perhaps that is why copper pots is the favorite and most used by the professionals in culinary matters. But you don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen to have some of these at home.

The copper pots made of this type of material have a copper coating that gives them a very similar appearance to those made of stainless steel. But unlike those made of steel, this type of copper pans evenly distributes the temperature to all areas of the pot. In addition, they have a higher density in their thickness, so they will not be damaged very easily.

Next, here in 1A we have prepared a list of the various advantages that come with the use of copper pots

  • Evenly distributes the heat in the pots.
  • It allows food to cook evenly, without some part being more or better cooked than another. in addition, this also prevents the food from sticking.
  • Compared to other types of pots, these are more durable and resistant to damage.
  • Their color makes them more attractive and decorative.
  • They can preserve the temperature of food for a long time.

Now we will show you some models of copper pots that you can find in the market

Set of 5 pots, Baumalu brand

They are made of solid copper, with approximate dimensions of 12 centimeters to 20 centimeters.

Pot for stews, brand Jpzcdk

Ideal for cooking stews, pasta, roasts, soups, among other dishes. It comes with lids with edges made of stainless steel. This model of pots is very resistant to damage. It has the dimensions of 34 centimeters approximately.

Handmade pot, Luludp brand

It is made of 100% copper, a super resistant and durable saucepan. The base is made with a coating that allows food to cook evenly. It has handles on its sides to move it more easily.

Tall saucepan, Pentole Agnelli brand

This type of pot is made in Italy by hand. The handles are made of brass. The height of this utensil is about 40 centimeters. Using sharp utensils to move food around in the pot during cooking is not recommended as it can damage the surface material of the pot. Wooden utensils are recommended for stirring and mixing in these pots.


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