Cutting board: how to choose one

23 Dec, 2020 | Utensils

A cutting board is one of the indispensable utensils that we must have in our kitchen. There are currently different boards in different materials, sizes, designs and colors. These facilitate the organization and specific use to make the cuts of any food or product. In this way we avoid contaminating or damaging some foods with other foods. Each color of the cutting boards are used for specific types of foods. Below we will describe them.

Next, we’ll show you how to use each color on a cutting board

  • red board : these are to cut red meat.
  • blue board: they are used for fish and shellfish.
  • yellow board: they are for cutting white meats, like poultry.
  • brown board: they are used for cooked and stuffed meats.
  • white board: they are used to cut cheese and bread.
  • green boards: these are used to cut vegetables and fruits.

Which material should you choose for a cutting board?

The wooden ones

This type of material is very durable and resistant. There are boards made of bamboo on the market, which are very suitable for chopping meat. They do not contain any particles or food scraps and are therefore more hygienic.

Synthetics (plastics)

These are very light and easy to transport from one place to another. They are strong, hygienic and durable.


In the market you can also find other types of materials, such as stone, marble, granite, and glass. These may not be so conventional or usual but they fulfill their main function.

In 1A Kitchen we will show you 3 models of cutting boards

Chopping board – Hilier Premium

This model comes with different surfaces to prevent mixed contamination. Each piece comes with different names and colors to help identify what foods it should be used for. It offers a board for each type of food you will be chopping. Such as raw meat, fish, vegetables and cooked food. The dimensions of the boards are 35 centimeters long and 25 centimeters wide.

Cutting board – Rake

This is made of pore-free, hygienic and easy to clean bamboo and has the following dimensions: 45 centimeters long, 30 centimeters wide and 2 centimeters thick.

Chopping board for groceries – Dameso

Made of plastic, a tough, durable and very light material, it is comfortable and easy to use. This model does not absorb water and works against bacteria from leftover food. Its dimensions are 40 centimeters long, about 24.7 centimeters wide and 1.5 centimeters thick.


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