Electric knife: ideal for quick and easy slicing

23 Dec, 2020 | Utensils

Have you ever thought of buying an electric knife? Many times cutting some meats or vegetables tends to be a bit overwhelming. When the meat or vegetable are hard or thick, it can take quite a bit of force to effectively slice. An electric knife can make that easier.

This type of kitchen instrument has two blades which are intertwined through a lock where in turn it is attached to a motor. Once the electric knife is turned on, its two blades will move slicing back and forth allowing you to make cut that is required.

What aspects should I know to choose an electric knife?

For the selection of this kitchen accessory to be a success this time, here at 1A Kitchen we will mention some outstanding features to take into account, so keep reading to learn more.

Its power

In the market you can find an electric knife from a minimum of 120W to a maximum of approximately 450W. This will largely depend on the brand and manufacturer you choose. Also the frequency in which you will use the appliance will help you determine the level of power you need.

Its blades

You can find some models with accessories such as additional blades for replacement. Also a blade without teeth, or a serrated blade with the aim of achieving different cuts. It is very easy to change the blades, making many different kinds of cuts.


This point is of utmost importance, since it will depend on this that no incident occurs. It is vital to choose an electric knife that has a system to lock the blades once it is not in use.

Now we will show you 3 models of electric knife Join us!

Electric knife – Orbegozo

This model has a double blade made of stainless steel. It has a double safety mechanism in order to prevent any accidental reaction or misalignment of the blades. Another blade for chopping frozen food is incorporated as an accessory. Its handle was created with an ergonomic design so that it can be manipulated comfortably and easily.

Knife – AEG

It has a power of 180W, in addition, it has a low noise level system. It has a security mechanism for user protection. This model incorporates additional blades for those foods that are frozen. The blades can be washed in the dishwasher.

Electric kitchen knife – Clatronic

Model with a 120W power motor, it works very well to cut meats, breads, fruits, vegetables and cakes. Its blade is made of stainless steel. It works silently and without vibrations.


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