Electric pressure cooker: How to select the right one

23 Dec, 2020 | Pots and pans

Did you know that there are electrical appliances that do all the cooking work without our having to supervise or make more effort? Well, yes, as you read, an electric pressure cooker can help you cook delicious recipes in a short time and in a fast and safe way. You just have to place the food you are going to cook inside the cooker. Cover the pot and program it with the buttons that you will find on the outside of this appliance. And voila, it will begin to carry out its work and cook your meal.

Surely, you will find many models and designs regarding a electric pressure cooker. So that your selection is very successful and you make the most of this versatile utensil according to your needs, we will mention some important aspects to consider when buying this type of appliance.

What should I consider before purchasing an electric pressure cooker?

Its functions

This point is fundamental and you must take into account what your expected needs and requirements are for using this appliance. If your cooking small items most of the time, you can find a small efficient unit. On the other hand if your cooking large amounts of food you can find a larger model. In the market you can find the most basic ones where they will have an approximate minimum of 3 heat settings. There are others models that will allow you to execute upto 10 different programmed functions with the appliance.

The control board

As technology advances, these pots will too. Today you will find those that have a digital control board where you can program the cooking time of the food you are going to prepare. Once programmed most units will also display the remaining cooking time before the food will be ready.


You can find small pots for approximately three servings, others of medium size for a families of 4 or 5 people, and others with a greater capacity to cook food in large quantities. All this will depend on your needs.


This aspect is essential and vital to avoid any type of accidents. So you can choose an electric pressure cooker that has a pre-established safety system such as: pressure index display, safe closing of the pot lid, respirators, automatic shutdown, among others. These specifications may vary depending on the brand or the manufacturer of your choice.

The electric pressure cooker has undoubtedly become excellent kitchen helpers for many. So don’t wait any longer and start making the most of the resources it offers. From here at 1A Kitchen we hope this article has been very informative, so let us know your opinion about this product in the comment box.


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