Ice machine: ideal for making refreshing drinks

23 Dec, 2020 | Appliances

Sometimes when we spend a good season indoors we realize how necessary some utensils or appliances are. This happens a lot with an ice machine. This appliance is designed to simplify and provide greater comfort to our lifestyle.

An ice machines is more common to see in commercial premises, but they also exist for domestic use. At home its main function is to make ice in a short time, that is, between approximately 10 or 15 minutes. These devices are a very good option for not leaving home when you want to prepare and have a cold and refreshing drink.

An ice machine is very light and can be transported from one place to another without major problem. In addition, they are very easy to use, you just need to add water and press the button as indicated by the device to start it working.

Now, surely you wonder:

What characteristics should I take into consideration when selecting an ice machine?

Well, below we will describe for you some of the most important aspects that must be taken into account when acquiring an ice machine for our kitchen.

Check your production capacity, we mean the number of ice cubes you will make during the day. Most models of these devices support between 5 to 15 kilos every 24 hours. Which is equivalent to an producing approximately 100 cubes on a daily basis.

All ice machines make cubes in the classic shape, which is square and small. But in the market you can find those that make cubes in different sizes and shapes so that they can be used in different sizes of glasses and drinks.

You must ensure that cleaning is easy to perform, maintaining hygiene in this type of appliance is vital.

If you are looking for more practicality, we recommend choosing the models that include a basket to place the ice and a shovel or tongs to handle the ice cubes without inconvenience.

And finally, make sure of the level of noise that it will produce while it is working. It is very important to know how much noise it will generate. If it’s really noisy you will quickly become annoyed by it. And that is no good.

From 1A Kitchen we hope that this article has been of great use and much benefit when buying an ice machine. So that you can have refreshing ice cubes without having to leave the house.


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