Kitchen knife set: how to choose the most suitable one

23 Dec, 2020 | Utensils

Acquiring a kitchen knife set will facilitate the process and preparation of our daily meals. Among knives we can find a variety of these useful and essential instruments. At present, we can find on the market from a minimum of 3 pieces to a maximum of approximately 8 knives, with different sizes for different cuts and functions. In addition, with different types of manufacturing and design materials in their blades and handles.

It should be noted that in most of the existing models that we can find today, you get a knife to cut small vegetables, one with a serrated blade, a boning knife, a knife to cut bread. But all this can vary depending on the models that you choose and your preferences.

Next, we mention some characteristics to take into account when selecting a kitchen knife set.

Aspects to consider when buying a kitchen knife set


-Stainless steel: this type of material is durable, resistant and high-end. It is one of the most common that you will see in the market. This manufacture from stainless steel is very easy and fast to sharpen. Many of the manufacturers of these sets mix a combination of other components such as carbon in there products.

-Ceramics: those knives manufactured with ceramics prevents oxidation on the blade from being created. As an maintenance note that knives made of ceramic must be sharpened with diamond stones.

-Carbon steel: knives made of these materials are the ones most used to make dishes of Japanese food. They are thicker and more robust in terms of the edge, blade. and handle.


Today many of the manufacturers of these kitchen knife sets have designed these knives with ergonomic handles to facilitate the grip. It is important to take into account the weight of the handle as this will be very easy to handle.


Just as there are different types of knives, we can also find different types of blades. These can be classified according to their shape and edge. For example, some can be sharpened on one or both sides. On the other hand, there are even knives with serrated blades, which are used to cut bread.


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