Pans without handles: excellent utensils to withstand high temperatures

23 Dec, 2020 | Pots and pans

A frying pan is one of the most common and versatile utensils that we can find in the kitchen area, but, did you know that you can also buy pans without handles? Yes, as you read, in the market you can find these types of utensils to the preparation of various foods. In the same way, we tell you that these can be used in any type of kitchen and in ovens.

The use of pans without handles brings with it several benefits, so below we will mention some of them.

Join us to know 3 advantages of having pans without handles

  • Pans without handles will allow us to optimize saving of space to the maximum. Both in our kitchen stove and in the cabinets, shelves, sideboards or in the place we choose to store the pan.
  • Most of the pans are suitable for placing in the dishwasher, this will allow us to maintain the cleanliness of these utensils in a faster and more comfortable way. SInce the dishwasher cleans and sanitizes you will not need any extra effort for their hygiene and care.
  • With the pans without handles you will be able to prepare multiple recipes that require their cooking to be carried out in the oven. These models of frying pans can withstand high temperatures.

Do you want to know some models of pans without handles?

Frying pan – Lagostina

This model has a diameter of 20 centimeters, this type of pan has a removable universal handle system. Its manufacturing material is aluminum with a non-stick coating. Likewise, this utensil will indicate the temperature in the center of the pan through a color change.

Set of two pans – GreenChef

Set of two pans, one 26 centimeters in diameter and the other 20 centimeters in diameter. In addition, it has a removable handle for easy placement and removal. Both pans can withstand a temperature of up to 220┬░celsius. They also have a ceramic non-stick coating. They are suitable for placing in the dishwasher.

2 pans – Bergner

Made of pressed aluminum with a non-stick marble coating. These models are very light and easy to transport from one place to another. The dimensions of these pans are as follows: the first is 28 centimeters in diameter and the other is 24 centimeters in diameter.

We hope that this information has been very helpful and that you are encouraged to buy pans without handles so that you can soon prepare delicious recipes in them. Let us know your opinion regarding this type of product in the comment box.


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